08 April 2009

Chineey Boy!

Oooo whooo whooo! Okay, you no tell me it was a Filipino Fireside! 

So pretty much this happens twice a year after each General Conference of the LDS church. My opinion on this event has changed from a begrudging fat-itude to a delicious figured attitude!

For some reason the "devotional" part ran a bit longer than anticipated. My observations to why this happened: 1) They started late 2) They ran late.

In continuation with the lamentation that seems to be occurring, (mind you, let us not assume that I am guilty of any fat-itude or likewise its fat jokes...) but may I further comment on the large white man who decided to tell the brown people what's what. We will refer to him as Phil (Phil because he needs profession help from a loon doctor coincidentally sharing the same first name). After the conference there are light snacks available for... well snacking. As we proceeded to said table of desserts we were halted by a rather portly middle aged man who told us, "Due to crowding I've decided to direct the flow of traffic. Please go to the back of the line" First off, do NOT get loud wit me! Secondly, do you know who I am!? I am a brown mexa-pino in America (I was so mad I could write a letter...) Well my family and I laughingly walked away, because we help organize the snacks so we had full access on the serving side of the table and full access to the kitchen. IN YOUR FACE PHIL!

As far as the highlights, there is some amazing progress being done in the islands of the Philippines! It was also great to associate with lots of Filipinos who assumed I spoke their language but then realized after my "deer in the headlights" stare that I didn't and moved on.
The rest of  the evening was savored whilst I delighted in Vienna sandwhiches (recipe to follow...). It was the best invention ever, bread, Vienna sausages, and mayo! I was in fat kid heaven!


  1. I remember Vienna sausage sandwiches! My brothers *inhale* those. Seriously.

    Welcome to the blog-o-sphere. ;)

  2. Ew....I am ONLY reading this because that's what good friends do for each other.

  3. Wow, surprisingly a good read. You even made me giggle!

    Nice to know you've finally begun to blog. It's about freaking time!